Custom Specialty Ear Molds

Custom Made Specialty Ear Molds

March 2019

Winner For Custom Ear Protection

Alan Fortier

Maximum Comfort Even With Repeat Use!

Did you know that studies show daily exposure to intermittent dangerous sound levels could cause significant hearing loss? Protect your hearing NOW with our customized ear molds!

Features and Benefits of Custom Made Ear Molds:

Noise Reduction Ration 27dB to 30dB

Long lasting ear mold material – up to 3 years!

Non-disposable means eco-friendly for the environment!

Custom made ear molds are designed to provide an acoustic seal for a variety of hearing applications:
BTE-Behind The Ear - Hearing Aid Earmolds
Swimmer Plugs
Motorcycle Ear Protection
Bluetooth Earmolds
Musician Sound Monitors
IPOD Earmolds
Industrial Noise Reduction
Shooter Protection Electronic
Shooter Protection Standard

Call our office today to schedule an appointment to get your own set of customized ear molds!

Remember: Once your hearing is impaired, the damage is irreversible!
Custom ear protection is a great way to save your hearing from noise with comfort.