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Ask Yourself These Simple Questions

  • Do people seem to mumble more often than they used to?
  • Do you have trouble hearing conversations in noisy situations?
  • Do you have to ask others to repeat what they’ve said?

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If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then it’s probably time to have your hearing tested.

The first step to take is the most important and often the most difficult. That’s to admit you may not hear as well as you used to.

The second step is to pick up the phone and call for appointment. Your hearing care professional will schedule your free personalized hearing consultation at a time and day that’s convenient to you.

When you do come in for your hearing test, you will need to bring a loved one with you whose voice is familiar to you. Since hearing loss is a loss of communication, and it takes two to communicate, this will greatly facilitate the process.

Hearing tests are painless and take only a few moments to perform. Since you may have never experienced one before, this page will explain what to expect.

Hearing is a precious gift that adds such richness to our lives. Please call today to schedule your FREE personalized hearing consultation.

Hearing History

Your hearing consultation begins with a quick documented analysis of your medical and hearing history. You will be asked about your prior noise exposure from work or leisure activities, if any physical damage has occurred to your ears; about past illnesses or medications that may have impacted your hearing.

Video Otoscopic Examination

Next the hearing professional will place a small, lighted camera inside your ear canal with the image projected on a TV Screen.

This may be helpful in detecting such things as fluid accumulation, perforations of the eardrum or excessive earwax which will be referred to a medical professional for diagnosis.

Puretone Hearing Tests

An electronic audiometric threshold test is then conducted. You will listen to puretone signals at different frequency and loudness levels and indicate your ability to hear them. In some cases, a bone conduction threshold test may be performed using a mastoid bone oscillator.

Speech Assessment

Because you may not hear certain sounds and words properly, you’ll be tested for discrimination or speech understanding using a word test. This same procedure is conducted with amplification in order to determine your potential benefit or improved understanding when amplification is used.